Where can I see upcoming birthdays on Facebook?

How do I see upcoming birthdays on Facebook app?

Open Facebook and tap the search button at the top right. Enter “birthdays” and tap the “Upcoming Birthdays” Facebook shortcut. You can now view the upcoming and recent birthdays. Additionally, the Birthdays page shows the forthcoming birthdays of all your Facebook friends from the entire year.

How do you see birthdays on Facebook 2020?

How to find your Facebook friends’ birthdays

  1. Go to the Facebook website and log in to your account, if necessary.
  2. Click Events in the left sidebar. Go to “Events” on the left. Devon Delfino.
  3. Select Birthdays in the sidebar.

Did Facebook remove birthdays?

The good news is Facebook hasn’t removed the birthday notifications. They simply removed the Newsfeed link to them.

Where is upcoming birthdays on Facebook Iphone?

How to See Birthdays on Facebook App

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Check to see if any birthdays are listed under the notifications for today.
  4. Tap on the notification to wish that person a happy birthday or to see other upcoming birthdays.

How do I find birthdays?

Do a Google or DuckDuckgo search for their birthday

Type their name and city into Google or another search engine to see what comes up. Sometimes links to public records come up, other social media accounts, a personal website, or their date of birth is pulled by the search engine from publicly available information.

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