Quick Answer: How do you delete files on Facebook Messenger?

Why can’t I delete messages on Facebook Messenger?

Any kind of message can be removed within 10 minutes of being sent: text, group chats, photos, videos, links. Users can only delete messages they sent. … We need to make sure people aren’t sending you bad messages and then removing them because if you report them and the messages aren’t there, we can’t do anything.”

How do I clean out my messenger?

Simply open the conversation you’d like to erase and tap the settings icon to access those same options. On Android: To delete a message thread on Android, find the conversation you’d like to delete from the list, press and hold down on it, and select the “Delete” option.

How do I delete photos in Messenger?

To delete a message or photo:

  1. From Chats , open a conversation.
  2. Tap and hold the message or photo you’d like to delete.
  3. Tap Remove, and then tap Remove for You.
  4. Tap Remove.

How do I delete a video sent on Facebook Messenger?

To use the unsend feature, tap and hold on a message you sent, then select “Remove.” You’ll get options to “Remove for Everyone” which will retract the message, or “Remove for you,” which replaces the old delete option and leaves the message in the recipient’s inbox.

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How do I delete a whole conversation on Messenger?

To delete an entire conversation using Messenger for Android, tap and hold your finger down on a conversation, then tap Delete. To delete an entire conversation using Messenger for iOS, swipe left on a conversation, tap More, then tap Delete.

What happens when you clear data on Messenger?

What Happens When You Clear Data for Facebook Messenger and Gmail. WhatsApp stores data only on your phone (if it’s not backed up). However, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and similar apps sync them to the cloud storage. So even if you clear data or uninstall the app, your messages or contacts will not be deleted.

How do I delete photos on Facebook Messenger on both sides?

Step #4: Tap on “Unsend”.

What is this? Tap on “Unsend” to delete the message on Facebook Messenger from both sides. After you’ve tapped on the “Remove” option (from the previous step), you’ll be given a couple of options—Unsend or Remove for You. The “Unsend” options will delete the message from both sides.

How do you delete all photos from Messenger?

Simply tap on the message you want to remove and select the option to “Remove for Everyone”. The removed message will be replaced by text alerting everyone in the conversation the message was removed.