Quick Answer: Can you delete a YouTube account?

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube account. Step 2: Click on your username in the top right corner to open a new menu and choose Settings. Step 3: On the new page, click on Manage Account in the menu on the left-hand side. … Step 6: Click the Close Account button, if you’re sure you want to delete the account, again.

How do I permanently delete my YouTube account?

How to delete a YouTube account

  1. Sign in to the account you wish to delete.
  2. Go to advanced account settings.
  3. Select delete channel.
  4. Select I want to permanently delete my content.
  5. Confirm you want to delete your channel.
  6. Select delete my channel.

Can you delete a YouTube account without deleting Gmail?

The only way to delete your YouTube account is to delete the Google+ profile associated with it. Deleting your Google+ account will not affect other Google products such as Gmail or Drive. Your emails and stored files will not be deleted.

What happens if you delete your YouTube account?

Closing your YouTube channel will permanently delete your content, including videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history. Note that you can’t currently delete a channel on mobile devices. It may take some time for your channel to be permanently deleted.

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How do I delete my 2020 YouTube account?

Tap on your profile picture icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Select Manage Your Google Account. Step 2: Tap on Data and Personalization. Step 3: Under the section labeled Download, Delete, or Make a Plan for Your Data, select Delete a Service or Your Account.

How do I delete my child’s YouTube account?

Delete a YouTube Kids profile

  1. Sign in to YouTube Kids.
  2. On the Home page, tap the lock icon , then tap Settings.
  3. Under “My kids,” select the profile you’d like to delete.
  4. Enter your password, then tap Next.
  5. At the top corner of the screen, tap More .
  6. Tap Delete this profile.

Will deleting my Google account delete my YouTube account?

Deleting only the Gmail service , doesn’t delete the entire Google account , and by that NOT the Youtube channel . ( but the channel becomes inaccessible ) . And if it works , delete the entire Google account , on the Google account side ( not the Gmail side ) , and for the channel , on the Youtube side .

How do you delete a YouTube account on the app?

How to Delete Your YouTube Account in the App

  1. Open the YouTube app and tap your user account icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Tap Manage your Google Account.
  3. Tap Account preferences.
  4. Tap Delete Google services. …
  5. Select the trash can icon that appears beside YouTube.

Why did JaMill delete YouTube channel?

Vlogger couple JaMill returned to YouTube on September 15, with a video explaining why they deleted their original channel. … In the first video on their new channel, they revealed that it was Camille who deleted the old channel, and that she did it after being triggered in an interview for a brand project.

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Can you delete YouTube account and make a new one?

You can permanently delete your YouTube channel through your account settings menu, using any web browser. … Once a YouTube channel is deleted, it can’t be recovered, but a hidden channel can always be made public again.

Should I delete my YouTube account?

Removing them may streamline your video experience and give your channel more opportunity to rank for suggested videos in the future. You can make sure your channel and videos are completely on-brand: Having old product, service, overview, or just plain off-brand videos can hurt your business’s overall image.

Can I delete my YouTube account and create a new one with the same name?

Yes, you can delete your YouTube account and create a new one with the same name.