Frequent question: How do I download my tweet history?

Is there a way to download your tweets?

On the Twitter for iOS or Android app:

  1. Tap the navigation menu icon to access the main menu.
  2. Tap Settings and privacy.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Tap Your Twitter data under Data and permissions.
  5. Confirm your password, then tap Request archive.

How can I see my entire tweet history?

Go to, type the full url of the Twitter page whose tweets you’re looking for into the field at the top of the page, and press “Browse History.” 2. The Wayback Machine will present you with every single screenshot it has taken of that Twitter page, organized by year and day.

How do I download Twitter content?

Open the Twitter application on your smartphone and go to the Tweet which has the video you want to save. Tap on the Share button and then select copy the link to Tweet. Now go to the Download Twitter Videos application and paste the link there. Then hit the download button at the bottom right corner of the page.

How do I download Twitter archives again?

Once you get the email or notification from Twitter:

  1. Open it up and click download, or head back to the data menu using the steps we described above. …
  2. Click Download archive, and then click it again on the next page. …
  3. Once you download the ZIP file, unzip it and open it.
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How do I download tweets for analysis?

5 Tools for Downloading and Analyzing Twitter Data

  1. Twitter’s official archive download. The easiest route to go is always going to be Twitter itself. …
  2. BirdSong Analytics. BirdSong Analytics is an absolutely unique tool that lets you download all the followers of any Twitter accounts. …
  3. Cyfe. …
  4. NodeXL. …
  5. TWChat.

Does Twitter have a history?

Your Twitter search history can be found from the dropdown that shows up when you start typing into Twitter’s advanced search. Many cases you’ll be able to see a short listing of the past few searches you’ve made on Twitter.

Does Twitter save search history?

Twitter tracks your searches on your mobile device, and it stores your location information. Luckily, you can clear your search history, delete your location information, and disable this setting.

Why can’t I see my old tweets?

Truncated profile timelines can be caused by: Accounts deleting many Tweets in a row from their profile. … Tweets more than a week old may fail to display in timelines or search because of indexing capacity restrictions. Old Tweets are never lost, but cannot always be displayed.

Can I recover deleted messages on Twitter?

To retrieve tweets: Log in to your email address. Find the email that Twitter sent regarding your direct message and open it. You can now read the contents of the deleted message.

How do you find a deleted tweet?

Twitter itself keeps an archive of all the tweets, even the deleted ones. But for security and privacy of the users, you can never find a tweet someone has deleted. But the original account which has tweeted it can have access to it. They can easily request for their archive and see the deleted tweets.

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