Best answer: Can Facebook admins remove comments?

Once an admin has been alerted, they can take action by deleting comments, booting users from a group, limiting how often individuals can comment, or how often comments can be made on certain posts.

Can Admin delete Facebook comments?

Admins and moderators can remove posts from their group and give feedback about why the post was removed. If you add a note from the admin, the author of the post will receive a notification that their post was removed.

Can an admin remove a comment?

In April, Facebook introduced three ways through which admins can notify members when a group rule is broken by them. Admins and moderators, while declining pending posts, deleting a comment from the group or before muting a member will be able to point out rule which was broken by that specific member.

Can you delete someone’s comment on Facebook?

You can delete a comment posted by someone in a Facebook Group or Page that you manage. The process is identical to deleting someone’s comment on your personal wall. Select the three dots to the right of the comment and select Delete from the pull-down menu.

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Why would admin turn off comments?

First spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, Facebook is giving group admins the option to slow down commenting on posts. It’s aimed at helping situations where there can be conflicts in the comments which is something that happens often on social media platforms.

Can Facebook group admins hide posts?

For example, admins can now restrict people from posting if they haven’t had a Facebook account for very long or if they had recently violated the group’s rules. Admins can also automatically decline posts that contain specific promotional content (perhaps MLM links!

How do you delete a comment on a Facebook group?

Tap Filter in the top left. Scroll down and tap Group posts and comments or Group reactions. Scroll to what you want to delete, then tap . Tap Delete to delete your post or comment or tap Unlike to remove your reaction.

Can Group Admin delete messages?

Presently, WhatsApp allows users in a group to individually delete their own chat messages, admins cannot remove messages sent by other members in the group.

Can an admin delete a message in Messenger?

Admins can delete any message they receive that’s been sent by anyone else (e.g. inappropriate messages). The notice “Message removed by Admin” will appear on other recipients’ screens.

Does Facebook tell you if your post is denied?

Whether your ad is approved or denied, Facebook will let you know by email and/or notification in your account. If your ad is approved, it’ll be published automatically, and you’ll start to see results in Ads Manager.

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Does hiding a comment hide replies?

What does hiding a comment on Facebook do? Remember, that if you hide a comment, its author and their Facebook friends will still be able to see it and to reply in sub-comments. … Neither will you see the sub-comments containing hints and suggestions for your brand nor the ones mocking the main comment’s author.

How do I turn off comments and likes on Facebook posts?

It’s a quick and simple job to turn off comments on a Facebook group post. Simply click on the three dots icon at the top right of the post. From the options that pop up, tap on “Turn off commenting.” Comments will now be disabled.

Why was commenting automatically turned off on Facebook?

Facebook’s motive behind the new change is to give more leverage to users to control who can comment on their posts. With this new change, comments can be restricted on posts at an account level or even in individual Facebook posts.

Why can’t I comment on Facebook posts?

The primary reason you are not able to comment on Facebook is that you have been blocked by Facebook. Yeah, Facebook has every right to block you if you don’t follow the rules and violate Facebook’s privacy policy. In extreme cases, Facebook can also put you in Facebook Jail.