Question: Is Kpop Stan twitter toxic?

Originally Answered: How toxic is K-pop stan Twitter? Initially I would say it’s very toxic but it depends on who you follow and stan. If you follow many fan accounts of groups like Blackpink, Twice, Exo, Loona(occasionally) or BTS I’ve found my experience extremely toxic and draining.

Is Stan Twitter toxic?

The culture of Stan Twitter has been noted by media outlets and celebrities as “toxic”. Huffington Post noted that singer Alessia Cara lamented over the “toxicity” of Stan Twitter; she was quoted, “This whole world of stan culture, while it’s amazing and great and connective a lot of the time, it can be very hurtful.”

Are K-pop Stans toxic?

Yes, there are toxic K-Pop fans in every fandom, especially the big popular ones like BLACKPINK, BTS, Exo, and Twice. It’s not necessarily because the fans are bad people, they just get heavily caught up with competition and start lots of fan wars.

Which K-pop fandom is toxic?

However, according to common belief, BLACKPINK has the most venomous fans while talking about in the K-pop industry. They’re known as Blinks, and their toxicity is so high that they’ve been known to make death threats to anybody who criticises their favourite band.

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Why Stans are toxic?

Stan culture can be toxic when fans intentionally blind themselves to support their idol. They refuse to admit that celebrities are human too, which does not make them an exception to failure. … There is nothing wrong with being a fan of something or someone, just as long as you are aware that nothing is perfect.

Why doesn’t BTS address how toxic their fandom has become?

Because, first, it’s not their responsibility to do that. If a fan is toxic, that’s because s/he is a toxic human being. Nothing to do with the idol itself.

What is KPOP Stan Twitter?

K-pop Stan Twitter is a neutral-to-derogatory term for a particular subsection of K-pop fandom on Twitter that frequently uses contextless fancams to respond to both trending topics on Twitter and controversial or otherwise terrible opinions of popular twitter users.

Why K-pop fans are toxic Quora?

Toxic fans get the most attention unfortunately while fans who aren’t get none. This causes a lot of misunderstandings within the kpop community. This also causes the kpop community as a whole to look toxic to the public eye when really we are kind people, we care about the things that are going on in the world, etc.

Are blinks toxic?

A big part of Blinks have always been toxic. The firts month, Jisoo was the target of so much hate ! Yes, there is toxicity in every fandom but from a day-1 fan, I can tell that toxic blinks are not only the newer.

Which Kpop group has most toxic fans?

Having that said, the MOST toxic fandom is Kpop is definitely BTS Army.

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Who is the most spoiled kpop fandom?

100% it’s Got7.

Are blinks the most toxic fandom?

Originally Answered: Why are blinks considered the most toxic fandom? They aren’t. Just like every other fandom out there, there are SOME toxic people, buy that doesn’t make all of them, or even themajority, toxic. No fandom can police every person that claims to stan a petson/group.

Are Stans stalkers?

Although STAN’s origins lie in Eminem’s song “Stan.” Retroactively, the word is said to be a combination of the words “stalker” and “fan.” This would make the term a portmanteau word. STAN may be used as a noun (i.e., a naming word). For example: Are you an Elton John STAN?

Why is the KPOP industry so toxic?

In a society that stigmatizes mental illnesses, K-pop stars face backlash when revealing their struggles with mental illnesses. Thus, many young performers are susceptible to high stress and serious mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. The fan base itself is also a main cause of toxicity in the industry.

What is dream Stans?

Some of you reading this may actually be a fan of Dream and his friends on the ever popular Minecraft server Dream SMP. … A stan is a combination and shortened version of the phrase ‘stalker fan.