How do I use Facebook TV portal?

How do you use TV Portal?

Plug in your Portal TV:

  1. Plug in the HDMI cable and power adapter, then connect the power adapter to a power source. Your Portal TV will turn on automatically.
  2. Plug the HDMI cable into an input on your TV. For best results, use HDMI 1.
  3. Turn on your TV and select the input.

Does Facebook portal TV require a smart TV?

The Facebook Portal TV doesn’t need a smart TV to work. You can attach it to any TV with an HDMI port with ease. Once connected, you can communicate to anyone else via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. An easy way to keep up to date with everyone is through a video call.

Is there a monthly fee for Facebook portal?

Is there a monthly fee for Facebook Portal? Thankfully, no. Once you have bought the device, Portal is completely free to use, provided you have a Facebook or WhatsApp account (but again, these too are free of charge).

Do both parties need Facebook Portal?

You do not need a Facebook account to use Portal video-chat devices. In addition to those with personal Facebook accounts, Portal users with a WhatsApp account can use it to log in to their device.

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Do you need a Facebook account to use Portal TV?

You need a Facebook, WhatsApp or Workplace account to set up your Portal. Some features, including Hey Portal, Facebook Watch, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Live and display settings aren’t available when you set up your Portal with WhatsApp only or when a WhatsApp-only login exists on a shared device.

What do I need to use a Facebook Portal?

To set up your Portal TV, you need a Facebook account or a WhatsApp account, your Portal TV, your Portal TV remote, an HDMI cable, a wireless internet connection, and a clean, safe space to place your Portal.

How do you watch a Portal on TV?

You can use a compatible adapter and cable to connect your Portal to a TV or computer monitor. When connected, the Portal display will appear on the TV or computer monitor. Audio will still come from the Portal speakers.

What is needed for Portal TV?

To set up your Portal TV, you need the following:

  1. Your Portal TV.
  2. Your Portal TV remote (batteries are included)
  3. A TV.
  4. An HDMI cable.
  5. A Facebook account or WhatsApp account.
  6. A high-speed, wireless Internet connection.

How do I receive calls on Facebook Portal?

Answering a call

  1. Select Answer to join the call.
  2. Press on the Portal TV remote.
  3. Say “Hey Portal, answer.”
  4. Press on your Portal TV remote and say “Hey Portal, answer.”

How do you set up a Portal?

How to set up the Facebook Portal

  1. Unbox the Facebook Portal. …
  2. Insert the power cord into the back of the Portal, and plug it into an outlet. …
  3. After the Portal boots up, select the language you want to use. …
  4. Select your Wi-Fi network, and enter your password.
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Is Portal worth buying?

Amazon, and Best Buy shoppers gave Portal positive marks for being user-friendly, plus for its sound and video clarity, as well as the large display offered by the Portal+. Others were underwhelmed with some of the design features, such as the hard wiring.

Is Facebook Portal good for seniors?

It’s a great addition in the homes of elderly people who want to make their lives just a little bit safer and easier. The ability to make video calls and phone calls via voice control is a wonderful asset to have in a home with seniors.

Is Facebook Portal any good?

This is a great video calling device, and that’s about it. A couple features make it a better one than competitors like Amazon and Google. Firstly, you can call the Portal from the Portal app on your smartphone — making it easy to “phone home,” just like an old-fashioned landline.