Can you always see mutual friends on Facebook?

@Anwar: If either of the two people have their Friends visible to you then you will see them in Mutual Friends. Only if both of them have their Friends hidden then you won’t see them.

Why doesn’t FB show all mutual friends?

Originally Answered: Why can’t we see all mutual friends on Facebook? The answer is because some of those people have set their “who can see my friends list” option (in the privacy options) to “only me”. That is why you can’t see all of the mutual friends.

Does Facebook show all your mutual friends?

Originally Answered: Can we hide mutual friends from friends in Facebook? Nope. Even if you make your friends list only visible to you, mutual friends are still seen.

Can someone hide mutual friends on Facebook?

You can hide mutual friends list on Facebook using any device, including iOS, Android, or even your desktop. The best part is you can hide the friend list from even a particular person or from everyone except someone.

Why can I only see mutual friends?

It’s because that mutual friend(s) set his Friends List to be private (Only me) so the total number of mutual friends appear but you only see those who have public Friends List. Originally Answered: How people are able to hide their mutual friends on Facebook?

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What can mutual friends see on Facebook?

Id your settings are set to only me, and you tag a friend, the only way your mutual friend can see what you post is if, he/she is a mutual friend in facebook. But if you set them to friends only, all your Facebook friends will see it.

How do I not show mutual friends?

Go to the Friends tab on your timeline (at the top: Timeline, About, Photos, Friends). Click on the pencil icon just to the top right of this friends list and select “Edit Privacy”. Change the visibility as you like.

How can I hide mutual friends?

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  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap ≡
  3. Tap Settings and Privacy.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Tap Privacy Settings.
  6. Tap Who can see your friends list?
  7. Tap Only me.
  8. Ask your friends to do the same.

Why can I only see my wife’s mutual friends on Facebook?

What does this mean? This means that the person has chosen to hide his posts from appearing on your timeline. But if you go to the person’s profile, you would still be able to look at them. There is an option on Facebook privacy settings where you can choose to hide ur friend list.