Quick Answer: Why does Instagram Crash iPhone 7?

First solution: Clear Instagram and background apps on your iPhone 7 Plus. Apps can go rogue or act up when triggered by some factors including update bugs. … Clearing or force closing the app wipes out any errors and glitches that might have inflicted troubles on the app and prevented it from working as you expect.

Why does my Instagram keep crashing on iPhone?

One way to clear temporary files (cache) and data on an iOS app like Instagram is to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Clearing cache or data from the Instagram app can fix any software errors that might have caused it to crash. … When the icons start to jiggle, tap the X in the upper side of the Instagram app icon.

Why is Instagram not working on my iPhone 7?

Second solution: Soft reset/restart your iPhone 7.

If clearing Instagram and background app doesn’t help, then a soft reset or device restart is recommended. This will clear software errors and glitches caused by the new update. It also refreshes the iPhone system to get back to its normal working state.

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Does Instagram support iPhone 7?

“If you are on an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, Instagram now supports wide colour capture and display throughout the app –writing an eng blog on it soon,” tweeted Mike Krieger, Co-founder, Instagram. Users can also post GIFs to Instagram Stories even without capturing them on its stand-alone app Boomerang.

Why do my apps keep crashing iPhone 7?

Sometimes when you don’t restart your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in several days, apps start to freeze and crash randomly. The reason for this is because the app may keep crashing is due to a memory glitch. By turning the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus on and off, it could solve that problem.

How do I fix my Instagram on my iPhone?

Instagram Not Working? Here Are 10 Ways to Fix it

  1. Reinstall Older Version of Instagram. …
  2. Clear App Data and Cache (iOS/Android) …
  3. Enable Permissions for Instagram (iOS/Android) …
  4. Is Instagram Down? …
  5. Try a Different Device. …
  6. Update Instagram. …
  7. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram. …
  8. Check Common Error Messages and Known Issues.

How do I clear my Instagram cache?

The Settings app has a built-in way to clear the cache.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Storage. Open the Storage menu. William Antonelli/Insider.
  2. Select Other Apps, and then find Instagram in the list of apps and tap it. Your apps will be sorted by how much space they take up. …
  3. Tap the Clear Cache option.

Why is Instagram keep crashing?

If the app is still crashing, check your phone for updates. If the latest version of Instagram is not installed, your app is more likely to crash. … If the problem persists, uninstall the Instagram app then do a fresh re-install and test again. This should fix the problem.

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Why is my Instagram not working 2021?

The most common steps to solve a problem is to restart the app or your phone, see if the Instagram service is down or try the app on a different device. If you can’t add more accounts to follow, you might have hit Instagram’s limit and you need to unfollow some accounts before you can add more.

Is there any problem in Instagram today?

At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Instagram. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments section!

How do you update Instagram on iPhone?

How to Update the Instagram App on iOS

  1. Open the App Store app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap Search in the bottom menu.
  3. Search for “Instagram” in the search field at the top and select Instagram from the suggested list of results.
  4. Tap Update to the right of the Instagram app listing.

How do you fix a frozen iPhone?

How to fix a frozen or unresponsive iPhone

  1. Quickly press and release the volume up button.
  2. Quickly press and release the volume down button, then press and hold the side button.
  3. When the Apple logo® appears, release the side button.

Why does my iPhone 7 keep overheating?

Outdated apps with bugs can drain your iPhone’s power, causing overheating. Check for apps using all of your iPhone’s battery and draining your iPhone’s CPU. Go to Settings > Battery, then check the list of apps. … Make sure your iPhone is updated by installing any new updates.

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How do I stop my iPhone apps from crashing?

How To Stop Your Apps From Crashing

  1. Reboot Your iPhone. The first step to take when your iPhone apps keep crashing is to reboot your iPhone. …
  2. Update Your Apps. Out-of-date iPhone apps can also cause your device to crash. …
  3. Reinstall Your Problematic App Or Apps. …
  4. Update Your iPhone. …
  5. DFU Restore Your iPhone.

Why do my iPhone apps keep crashing?

If you notice that a particular app crashes often, you should check to see if you are running the latest version. Often, older versions of an app aren’t fully compatible with your phone or tablet’s latest operating system, or might suffer from glitches that have been eliminated in the latest release.