Question: What does it mean to mute a channel on YouTube?

A muted user can still see posts that you make and post comments on them as well. … A blocked user’s or page’s contents are no longer displayed in your stream. They are removed from any circles they are listed in.

What happens when you mute a channel on YouTube?

You can only block their comments from showing up. They won’t even know, as they will still be able to see their comments but nobody else will – including you. For muting the audio You should use Video editor software. Or use YouTube video editor tool.

Can I mute a YouTube channel?

To mute a channel. Just click on the three-dot menu next to a video, and select “Don’t recommend channel.”

How do I mute my YouTube?

Hide your channel or your channel’s content:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Settings .
  3. Select Channel Advanced Settings.
  4. At the bottom, select Remove YouTube Content. …
  5. Select I want to hide my content.
  6. Select the boxes to confirm what will be hidden on your channel.
  7. Select Hide my channel.
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Can you mute subscribers on YouTube?

Hide your subscriber count

Go to YouTube Studio. Advanced settings. Under “Subscriber count,” uncheck “Display the number of people subscribed to my channel.” Click Save.

How do you block someone on YouTube so you don’t see their videos?

How to Block YouTube Channels

  1. There are two ways to block a YouTube channel: Block a channel so it can’t comment on your videos or block a channel so you don’t see its videos in your feed. …
  2. In the menu that opens after you click the three dots, select “Don’t Recommend Channel.” …
  3. And that’s it.

Who blocked me on YouTube?

there is no direct way to know if you have been blocked by a YouTuber. Not seeing your comments appear on their videos when you are signed out from your account is consistent with having been hidden by that YouTuber from their channel, but there are other reasons why your comments may not appear.

How do I block channels from my YouTube channel?

How to Block Channels on YouTube

  1. Go to YouTube’s website.
  2. Enter your login information and search for the channel you wish to block.
  3. Click on the channel and go to the “About” section. …
  4. Hit the flag on the page’s right side and choose the “Block User” option.
  5. Press “Submit,” and you’re all done.

How can I block channels on YouTube?

You can block a video or channel from the watch page:

  1. Tap More at the top of the video.
  2. Tap BLOCK .
  3. In the dialog that opens, select Block this video only, or select Block entire channel to block the channel associated with the video.
  4. Tap BLOCK.
  5. Enter the numbers that show on the screen, or enter your custom passcode.
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How do I block all YouTube channels except one?

Tap the Lock icon in the bottom corner of any page in the app. Complete the multiplication problem or read and enter the numbers that appear. Or, enter your custom passcode. Select Settings .

Can someone see if you block them on YouTube?

No. YouTube does not send a notification if you block someone.

Can I make my YouTube channel private?

Privatizing Your YouTube Channel

Once signed in to your YouTube account, click on the channel name you want to make private. In the channel Settings, under Privacy, there is an option to make the channel videos private. Select the box and save the changes.

Can someone see your comments if you block them on YouTube?

You can block YouTube channels to prevent users from commenting on your videos or channel. Blocked YouTube channels can still watch your videos, but all their previous comments will be hidden. YouTube channels you block won’t be told that they’ve been blocked. Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

Should I hide my subscriber count?

You can see your YouTube subscriber count when you go to your channel. It should sit just below your name. If you are new to the platform, it is best to hide your YouTube subscriber count if you don’t have many subscribers.

Can YouTubers see who watched their videos?

Can YouTubers see who viewed their video? YouTubers cannot see exactly who has viewed their video, but they can see the percentage of how many viewers are a certain age or what gender they are.

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