How do you reply to a tweet on twitter?

How do you reply to a tweet without retweeting?

There is an @ reply where you use “@username” in your message. Such replies are public i.e. visible on your Twitter page. If you want to reply privately, you can send a DM (direct message) which is sent only to the recipient like a private e-mail.

Where is the reply button on Twitter?

Here’s how to reply to a Tweet: Navigate to the tweet you want to respond to and select the Reply button underneath (it looks like a chat bubble). A new message window appears. Type your reply into the box.

Why can’t I reply to a tweet on Twitter?

Twitter Recipient May Have Blocked You.

Twitter gives users the option to block accounts that they may find disruptive or abusive. If your account has been blocked, you can’t send direct messages, reply to tweets, and view the user’s profile. To know if an individual blocked you, see the steps below.

How do you reply to a Twitter thread?

The simplest way to create a Twitter thread is to publish a tweet, then reply directly to it the same way you would reply to a tweet written by someone else. After the second tweet is published, reply to it with a third tweet and continue until your thread is finished.

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Can you quote tweet in a reply?

When you reply to a comment or forum post, look at the bottom of the box surrounding the post you want to quote in your reply and click the “Quote” button. This will set up a reply box for you to type your own response under the quote and will add a tag above the quote saying who originally wrote it.

What does it mean to reply to a tweet?

A reply is a response to another Tweet, and is one of the easiest ways to join in a conversation as it’s happening on Twitter. When you reply to a Tweet, you can see the full list of participant usernames in the conversation by clicking or tapping the prompt above the Tweet.

How do you reply to a tweet with a picture?

Click on the “Tweet” button to upload your picture and post your reply. Your followers can click on the “View Photo” link at the bottom of your Tweet to expand your reply and reveal the image you uploaded.

How do you send a tweet to someone on Twitter?

Sending a tweet via a direct message from your Android device

  1. Find the tweet you want to share.
  2. Tap the ‘Share’ icon if it’s on your timeline and not your tweet, or click the down arrow if it’s one of your tweets.
  3. Choose the option ‘Send via Direct Message’

How do you tweet someone not following you?

1 Method 1 of 2: Using Mentions

  1. To “mention” a Twitter user is to tag their username in a tweet. You can use mentions to: Direct a tweet toward one user. …
  2. No matter how you use mentions, anyone you mention in a tweet will be notified–unless your account is private and they aren’t following you.
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Why can’t I see my reply to a tweet?

Most likely the “issue” here is because replies from people with what is called protected tweets will only be visible to their followers. If someone sends you a reply and you are not following them, then the actual reply will not appear even though Twitter is saying you have the reply.

Is replying to a tweet the same as a thread?

Threads have never been an official thing. All you do is reply to your own tweet, and you’ve got a thread going. But throw in a few replies from other people, and reading a thread becomes a mess. So Twitter’s making threads easier to create, easier to find, and easier to read.

Can you pin a reply on Twitter?

Open the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android phone, tap on your profile photo in the top left, then select “Profile” from the side menu. Scroll down and find your tweet, retweet, or reply that you want to pin to the top of your profile. When you find it, tap on the inverted triangle in the top right of the tweet.