Does a reply count as a tweet?

That’s important because replies are a second class kind of tweet. Not everyone sees your reply appear in their Timeline, even if they follow you. Instead, they only see the reply if they follow both you and the recipient.

Do replies count as tweets?

“Tweets” are those posts you create normally: Tweets about life, posts with hashtags at the beginning of the tweet, article links, etc. “Tweets and Replies” are your normal tweets PLUS any tweets you’ve sent as a reply to someone else’s [public] tweet. These are tweets that typically start with the “@” mention.

What is the difference between a quote tweet and a reply?

Unlike a reply, these posts will show up on the main section of your Twitter profile. They’ll also be widely seen by those who follow you when the post pops up in their timeline. To create a quote tweet of your own, you simply need to click on the retweet button at the bottom of the tweet you want to share.

Why do my replies show up as tweets?

Replies in the Timeline

The timeline is what users see when they log in to Twitter — it shows updates from accounts being followed, including retweets by those accounts from elsewhere. Replies are shown in the timeline if the user is following both the account sending the reply and the account being replied to.

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Is it better to retweet or reply?

Thus you can respond to posts to be in touch with followers as well as follow someone on Twitter. Replying is a good and comfortable way to have conversations with many people and share ideas as well as information. … Retweeting is one of the ways to add value to your Twitter.

Do my Twitter followers see my replies?

Replies from people with protected Tweets will only be visible to their approved followers. If someone sends you a reply and you are not following them, the reply will not appear in your Home timeline.

Does a quote retweet count as a reply?

By posting a quote retweet, you are sharing the original tweet, but you also have the ability to reply to the user and ask a question or answer back to their post. For those times that you just want to do it all, quote tweeting is the way to go.

Does quote tweet count as retweet?

A Quote Tweet then is a ReTweet that allows you to embed your own comments above the original tweet and publish both to your followers. This way, everyone can see the context behind a Tweet.

How do you reply to a tweet from a different tweet?

Step 1: You come across a tweet you want to reply to. Click on the reply button or Click on the tweet your reply option. Step 2: A pop-up will appear in which you can enter your reply. Step 3: Enter your reply + paste a link to a tweet that you want to add.

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