Can I print all of my tweets?

Pull up the Twitter feed you want to preserve, and print it using your browser’s Print command. You can also select, copy, and paste the information you want into a word processor and print from there. … Best use: Printing the most recent posts of any Twitter timeline, in a quick-and-dirty way.

Can I export my tweets?

Well, exporting your own tweets is really simple. You need to log in to your twitter account and go to the account settings. you will see the “Request your archive button.” Click this button. Your tweets archive link will be sent to your email.

How do I turn my tweets into a book?

5 Tools That Will Turn Your Twitter Page Into A Book

  1. TweetBookz: “TweetBookz allows you to create and order high quality books of your tweets. …
  2. Tweetbook: “ is a free web app that helps you save your tweets in the form of a PDF, aka tweetbook. …
  3. Ether Press: “All your tweets in a book.”

How do I copy all my tweets?

Go to your Account settings by clicking on the more icon in the navigation bar, and selecting Your account from the menu. Click on Download an archive of your data. Enter your password under Download an archive of your data, then click Confirm.

How do you save a tweet as a PDF?

The link to the unrolled thread will still work even if you delete your tweet mentioning @threadreaderapp. You can read the thread within your browser, share the link with a friend, save the page as a PDF, to your favorite read-later app, or if you’re into keeping paper notes, print a hard copy.

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How do I download Twitter fleet?

After typing the address of the profile in the previous step click the “Get the video” button. When you do it, you will go to a page where you will see the Fleets published by that profile, and you will be able to download them by clicking the Download button.

What is Tweet Beaver?

TweetBeaver gathers the data you need quickly, simply and easily. Most Twitter tools are designed to help you manage your own social media presence, while others offer only a high level view. … TweetBeaver can gather data on any non-private account and returns most searches as a csv for easier filtering and analysis.

How can I see all tweets from a user?

To see all tweets, from anyone, directed to a certain user, you can simply search for “@username”. For example, try to see all replies to Jeff Atwood.